Heritage of Lancaster County:
By Beverly Lewis

The Shunning

The Confession

The Reckoning

One for the Money (A Stephanie Plum Novel):
By Janet Evonovich

One for the Money

Two for the Dough

Three to get Deadly


Deltora Quests :
By Emily Rodda

Forest of Silence

Lake of Tears

City of Rats

Shifting Sands

Dread Mountain

The Maze of the Beast

The Valley of the Lost

Return to Del

The Wheel of Time:
By Robert Jordan

Eye of the World

The Great Hunt

Dragon Reborn

The Shadow Rising

The Fires of Heaven

The Lord of Chaos

The Crown of Swords

Path of Daggers*

Winter's Heart*

Crossroads of Twilight*

*Not yet Read

Harry Potter Series:
By J.K. Rowlings

Harry Potter
and the Sorcer's Stone

Harry Potter
and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter
and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter
and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter
and the Order of the Phoenix


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The Inheritance Trilogy:
By Christopher Paolini



His Dark Materials Trilogy:
by Phillip Pullman

The Golden Compass

The Subtle Knife

The Amber Spyglass

A Wrinkle in Time Series:
by Madeleine L'engel

A Wrinkle in Time

A Wind in the Door

A Swiftly Turning Planet

Many Waters

Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy:
Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman

Dragons Autumn Twilight

Dragons Winter Morning

Dragons Spring Dawning

J.R.R. Tolkein

The Hobbit

The Lord of the Rings Series:

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Two Towers

The Return of the King

The Sword of Shanara Trilogy
by Terry Brooks

The Sword of Shanara

The Elfstone of Shanara

The Wishsong of Shanara

Dragonlance: War of Souls Trilogy:
By Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman

Dragons of a Fallen Sun

Dragons of a Lost Star

Dragons of a Vanished Moon